Pascal Schetelat

Chez CSTB (Go Rénove) - Partenaire du concours DataBât

Pascal Schetelat, Ph.D. (Male) is senior data scientist and software architect at CSTB since 2012. For the last ten years, Pascal has been involved in the development of several simulation and data analysis tools geared toward solving energy and environmental issues, both at urban and building scale. In 2015 he designed the software and co-authored the patent of a measurement device for of situ building thermal performance. In 2016 He co-designed the architecture of Dimosim, a simulation tool for urban energy simulation. In 2019, he co-designed the architecture of Urbanprint, a web application allowing to take into account life cycle analysis in the design of districts. Pascal is currently the chief technology officer for the Gorenove project, which aims to build a general audience web application estimating and mapping the rehabilitation potential of every residential building in France.